Kendell Poole

Strategic Relations

"The sky is the limit, but it all starts in the grass roots."

Kendell Poole

About Kendell

Kendell Poole has built an amazing 27 year career in both the public and private sectors based on his strong character and reputation.

He stands as the longest serving Director in the history of the Governor's Highway Safety Office in Tennessee (2005-2016). He has received numerous awards for his leadership while serving under two Governors who span both sides of the political aisle.

As national Chairman of the Governors Highway Safety Association for three terms (2012-2015), he led the GHSA in transforming the culture of the organization by capitalizing on building and repairing relationships, while leading them to new heights in the national arena.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

-George Bernard Shaw


Kendell has a unique ability to see "the big picture" and help you put the pieces into place. He has excelled in assisting people to meet their organizational challenges by developing a versatile plan, enabling them to reach all of their goals. Whether it is marketing, public relations, communication crisis management, or a host of other opportunities that present themselves, he has a reputation and a track record that speaks for itself.



A veteran of hundreds of speaking engagements across the country, as well as testifying before the United States Congress on two occasions, Kendell's ability to understand subject matter and communicate it in a way that people can understand and utilize is unique. He brings a charasmatic Southern charm to the podium that earns rave reviews.


Relationship Building

Connecting with people is a gift, and Kendell is a firm believer in identifying, cultivating, and developing positive relationships to reach strategic goals. In fact, he has spent his entire career doing it successfully, and will be glad to put these skills to work for you if the fit is right.


Strategic Relations

Putting the right people together at the right time is a hallmark of Kendell's success. His ability to connect, and to help you connect, can dramatically enhance your profile. His network of partners and friendships across the country can bring more to the table than you initially thought possible.



"Fame is a vapor, popularity a myth, and money takes wings. The greatest thing that endures is character."